Project & Program Management

  • Field Engineers across North America ready to assist directly with projects
  • Design Engineers ready to be deployed as needed on specialized projects

Development & Design Engineering:

  • 50+ US-based Technical Support Resources From pre- and post-sales, to technical consultants and solutions engineers are available by phone or for in-person assistance on projects
  • 6,000+ HQ-based Engineers Supporting a wide array of customer requests and product development

Low-light Technology

Basic Starlight Technology

Basic Starlight Technology offers good low-light performance at a more affordable price and is ideal for moderate dark areas with ambient lighting of at least 1.0 lux nearby. Basic Starlight is best suited for applications that produce lighting similar to that of a full moon without additional light sources. Basic Starlight offers sensitivity down to .008-.009 lux. Recommended scenarios: parks, stadiums or parking lots with some ambient lighting such as street lights.

Enhanced Starlight Technology

Enhanced Starlight Technology is Dahua’s flagship low-light standard. It is designed to provide excellent images in near dark conditions. With a slightly more sensitive sensor compared to Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight cameras offer performance under dark conditions down to .005-.007 lux.

Starlight+ Technology

Starlight+ Technology offers best-inclass light sensitivity, capturing color details in extreme low-light down to 0.0005 lux. Cameras with this technology use a large pixel sensor, smart imaging algorithms and a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene, resulting in rich colors in the dark with no noise or color distortion.

Night Color Technology

Night Color technology works different compared to Starlight cameras. Night
Color cameras do not include an ICR lens or IR illumination. This lightsensitive technology allows the camera to remain in Color Mode and to capture more available light to reproduce color images with superior detail and contrast in applications with at least 1 lux of ambient or artificial light.

Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE) Technology

  • Transmit video, power, and data up to 2,625ft (800m) at 10Mbps (or
    300m at 100 Mbps) via a single Ethernet cable without repeaters.
  • Upgrade to IP technology while leveraging an existing coaxial
    infrastructure with Ethernet over Coax (EoC) technology.
  • Lower cost of ownership for users who want longer transmission
    distances without interruption and no repeaters
  • Backwards-compatible with standard PoE devices, for flexibility

Intelligent Video System Analytics

IVS adds sense and structure to a video surveillance system so operators are more efficient


An alarm is triggered when an object enters or exits the defined area.

Specify a detection area (blue box), then IVS signals an alarm when an object breaches the box.

Better than motion detection because you can specify the parameter of objects to be
detected (min/max size).