These days you can’t get very far without seeing CCTV security cameras everywhere – on public streets, inside restaurants, retail stores, hotel lobbies and hallways, parking lots, construction sites – and increasingly on both the interior and exterior of office buildings.

What Does the Term CCTV Mean?

CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit TV video surveillance system.

What Is a Digital CCTV Security Camera?

Closed Circuit Television Systems provide your business with a private network that allows you (or an employee) to monitor the safety of the people and place(s) where you do business. Digital CCTVs have become more common than traditional analog CCTV systems because they allow users to view the video footage from home, or any other remote location via WiFi or an existing internet connection.

Why Is It Important for a Business to Install Digital CCTV Security Cameras?

Because it’s smart (and safe) business.

Having a network of cameras installed inside and/or outside your business premises shows that you are serious about security.

How Is Digital CCTV Important as a Crime Prevention Tool?

Digital CCTV systems primarily serve to offerprevention and protection from:

If burglars or vandals realize there are cameras recording their every move, they’re far more likely to avoid your business and will seek out easier targets.

This is especially practical for banks, gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, public areas, but also restaurants, schools, constructions sites, office buildings and so much more.

Why Is It Important to Have Digital CCTV For Your Business?

Your recorded video surveillance footage also provides indisputable proof of what happened when you need facts to support:

How Can Digital CCTV Be Used in The Workplace?

With your Digital CCTV system, you’ll have the ability to watch all that is happening on the premises, or you can choose to view remotely.

Security Cameras:

Is A Digital CCTV Network a Good Investment?

A Digital CCTV network is cost-effective and can wind up paying for itself many times over when you factor in loss prevention, eligibility for decreased insurance premiums, improved workflow, increased employee productivity, plus money saved on the cost of security officers.

This gives you a new feeling of confidence knowing that your business will be protected while gaining control over day-to-day business management where the camera footage can serve to help identify areas of improvement that can lead to increased productivity and efficiencies.

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