Video Command Center

Security centers are responsible for gathering, processing, analyzing, displaying, and storing all data collected by cameras, sensors, and other devices on the front-end. A integrated security center for safe city applications needs to ensure seamless cross-department communication, unified incident response, and advanced data analysis for more intelligent and efficient policing.

Video Management System

  • Supports live monitoring, playback, event management, storage management, video wall, E-map, Face Recognition, LPR, etc.
  • Supports distributed deployment and hot standby protection

Video Wall System

  • LCD/LED splicing screen
  • Flexible configuration with slotted design
  • 4K & H.265 decoding

Storage System

  • Supports network video recorder, enterprise video storage, and cloud storage
  • High reliability and scalability

Video Conferencing System

  • OPUS audio coding
  • Share documents such as PPT, etc

• The DSS Control Client provides powerful functions for daily operation and the handling of surveillance tasks. GPU decoding and multi-screen support allow the simultaneous display of multiple types of content.


The LPR module features automatic license plate number recognition, vehicle image capture, vehicle database management, and more.

Control center
• Real-time Monitoring
Control center
• License Plate Search
Control center
• Vehicle Path Tracking

• Face Recognition

Face recognition can be used in a broad spectrum of applications, such as the entrances and exits of railway and metro stations or airport terminals, etc.

Control center
• Real-time Monitoring
Control center
• Face Search
Control center
• Person Path Tracking